Friday, January 3, 2014


“In every end, there is also a beginning.” This is one of the most popular maxims that has ever circulated the globe. Indeed, it is true. It clearly describes the cycle of life - from start to end and from end to start, and so the cycle goes. As the year ended (just a few days ago) a new one has started immediately. 2014 has arrived.

It has been a very common custom in most parts of the world that people try to start doing some changes in their lives when the new year comes. Note the word i used - "try". This is due to the fact that most of us (yes, including yours truly, the writer) are having a hard time implementing the alters they would like to do. Change maybe inevitable but it is never easy. Hence, some people are stuck on the planning stage and never get to the execution part.

So, how do we start these changes? Are they really possible? Are these changes the right thing to do? These are the usual queries running in our minds when people think about the word. Fear of the unknown perhaps is one of the reasons behind why people are afraid of change and to change. Nonetheless, there are of course some individuals who are just too laid back to start the change they want to happen. :)

How do we really start change? Is it really feasible? The answer is always apparent. Change commences once we have the will to do so. Feasibility is never a question for a determined person. So, there it goes, we just need to have the will to revise and modify the things we ought to and want to. As another saying goes - "If there's a will, there's a way." Next question to deal with - is this the right thing to do? One can never know. The line between the right and the wrong is unclear and undefined. It always depends on the society you live in, on the norms of the people around you. Conversely, one shall not be dependent on the world around them for the right choices. Follow your instincts. Follow your heart. If it is the right path, then it is good and beneficial for you. If it isn't then there's always plan B. And, remember, plan B is always backed-up by plan C, D, E, G, so on and so forth. (If you run out of English alphabets, try using the Chinese characters and the Japanese characters, combining them together and we'll see how many back-up plans you're going to have.) :)

Let go of the fear, and keep in mind that there are more to life when we step out of our comfort zone. To accept changes in our lives is a brave thing to do, but to start the change is always braver.

P.S. Want something new? Why not try doing online teaching?
Teach English to Japanese students online through Skype. Earn, learn, make new friends at the same time! Now that is one cool change. ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

How do you affect people?

Some of us weren’t equipped with the talent to teach.

But those “some” ALL learned to care.

How do you affect your students?

Friday, April 19, 2013

What's your blood type?

Japanese believe that the blood type of a person says a lot about him or her. They use blood type to see if they are compatible with someone and they also sometimes hire employees based on the person’s blood type! Do you think this is discriminating?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Unhoop Congratulates the Graduates of 2013

Graduating is a step towards your journey to success. Don't let your mind stagnate while waiting for an opportunity to come. Put your time and knowledge to good use by joining us at UNHoop! Get the chance to feel fulfilled and empowered! Send your resume to today! We hope to see you soon!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Training Schedule

We offer intensive training. This will help enhance the skills of those who do not have teaching experience.
You don't have to pay us anything. We will even give you a signing bonus upon completion of the training.
All you have to do is have fun and continuously grow and learn with us and your students.

We want to bring out the best in everyone. Teaching is a very rewarding and humbling experience. Listen to the stories of different people everyday and be an inspiration to those who seem hopeless in learning English. We hope you will know how good it feels to make someone smile and make a small but great difference at the end of the day.